Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tear Bear in Pumpkin Outfit

(FREE shipping to USA,
International orders ask for quote)
Tear Bear in a pumpkin outfit.
Just in time for Halloween
He stands about 4.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.
This one is Lt Mocha in color, with Light blue eyes.
Pumpkin is a paper piecing, chalked lightly around edges.
If you might be interested in this item, send me an email with your paypal addy for ivoicing purposes, to this addy. Also specify your bear color and eye color.
Thanks for looking.
Have a great Day!!!


  1. I just adore this!

  2. I had typed this in here but for some reason it disapeared lol Anyhow.. when I gather some extra cash to send to you I was wondering if you can make me something. 3 pumpkins, the middle pumpkin bigger then the outer 2.. 3 tear bears, a bigger one for Lauren standing behind the bigger pumpkin (you only see the face and then hands im guessing) and then on the smaller 2 pumpkins smaller tears bears sitting on them. Kaly being the smallest of course. I see the image in my head lol

  3. yes of course I can..send me an email so I can print it out...thanks hun..:)