Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Customer :)

This is Lilly. She is 3 years old. Her mom purchased a Green Princess tear bear for her album. Well it arrived to them today, and Lilly wanted to hold onto it. She keeps telling her mom and Dad and also had to call her grammie telling them that she has a beautiful princess teddy.
Now how sweet is that.
Thanks for letting me share this Crystal. Lilly is adorable. :)


  1. Hola Esther,
    Lilly is too cute and I love the picture of her with the Green princess bear. I just adore these characters. I don't blame Lilly for being so excited about receiving this Green Princess Bear. TFS, Mima

  2. AWW who would not be happy with your adorable bears!!! Lilly is adorable!! 80)

  3. Esther,
    That tear bear is adorable and so is Lily!!! I can see why she is so excited!! You do a wonderful job!